Army Green Camouflage Kilt


Army Green Camouflage Kilt

$150.00 $80.00

  • New design
  • Flap pockets with studs
  • 2 Fastening straps with brass buckle
  • Suitable for formal and non-formally
  • All hardware is rust-free and comfortable
  • Premium Studs
  • Camo utility kilts for sale
  • *Waist Size
    *Kilt Length
    *Buttons & Hardware
  • Fell Measurement (Optional)
    Hip Size (Optional)
    Side Pockets
    Belt Loops
    Additional Information / Requirements +$20
    Urgent Delivery +$30


Army Green Camouflage Kilt for sale has new design and style giving amazing look. There Flap pockets with studs and 2 Fastening straps with brass buckle. It is suitable for formal and casual wear. The Camouflage kilt is perfect for the workman.

Camouflage kilt is most attractive for the workman, its light waited for ensuring to avoid the problem while doing work. You can wear this kilt with any shirt and Scottish jacket.

It is a perfect mixture of traditional and modern styles of the kilt to give a modern look to kilt lover.

Army Green Camouflage Kilt Design :

Army Green Camo kilt is designed for Camo kilt and Military Kilts Lovers.

Features of Military Kilt :

  • New design
  • Flap pockets with studs
  • 2 Fastening straps with brass buckle
  • Suitable for formal and non formally
  • All hardware is rust-free and comfortable
  • Premium Studs
  • Camo utility kilts for sale

we design according to the Camo kilt new tradition and military kilt styles.

Army Green Camouflage Kilt Front Design :

Military Kilt front design is simple and plain only decorate two buttons on both edges of the belt area. It’s so comfortable for workman.

Army Green Camouflage Kilt Back Side Design :

Army green Military kilt back side there are two pockets and decorated two buttons on edges of the pockets. There is also a strap which is help in adjustment, you can adjust according to your waist size.

Customized Kilts :

We are professional in Custom handmade kilt. We can make kilts in every size and color. All military kilts and camo kilts for sale in customized size.

As you all know when it comes to choosing the right kilt with utmost perfection then it can be tough but not impossible. If you are looking for cotton kilts which are purely handmade with 100% pure camo kilts then Army Green Camouflage Kilt for sale will be the smart choice. You can wear it on special for working man, hard day or any sports… Kilt and Jackets are accepting custom orders so you have to make sure you have ordered the right size according to your body length so that you can avoid complications in the future. If you have any confusion regarding the selection and your size then feel free to contact us, we will try our best to assist you.

Email: [email protected]

Kilt and Jackets are made custom Jackets according to the Customer Size. We are the fastest Kiltmaker and  Shipping without compromising the quality.

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Kilt measuring Guide

Measuring Guides for choosing a right Size

If you are buying kilt for the first time then you should read our size guide carefully if you want to get the best kilt according to your body size.

Buying a good kilt with the wrong size is totally useless it will waste a lot of time. We are going to tell you some basic factors which you will need to consider while buying a perfect kilt according to your size.

Waist Size

To measure a correct waist size you will need to put the tape around your body at the point of your waist or belly button or where you usually or looking forward to fastening your kilt. Once you have measured the waist size it’s recommended to note it down on paper to avoid any inconvenience.

Hip Size

Measuring a correct Hip Size is one of the basic parts if you want to buy a perfect kilt according to your size. It will be quite embarrassing if the kilt doesn’t fit your hips because kilts are used as casual as well as formal wear.

Length size

The length size is also one of the main factors which you will need to consider because it will decide how long your kilt will hang while standing on your legs. A perfect kilt should hang till your knee cap so it’s always recommended to consider this factor seriously.

Fell Measurement

While proceeding to the end Fell also needs to be considered seriously if you want full comfort in your kilt. Fell is measured from your point of waist till your hips while the majority of the kilts don’t need any fell measurement because they come in the standard size which varies from 5 to 7 inches.

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