Fashion Sport Utility Kilt Khaki with Black Leather Straps


Fashion Sport Utility Kilt Khaki with Black Leather Straps

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  • Perfect for men and women.
  • Made up from 100% pure cotton.
  • Leather straps.
  • Includes 2 Flip pockets in each side.
  • Highly comfortable.
  • Machine Washable
  • Belt Hoop
  • *Waist Size
    *Kilt Length
    *Buttons & Hardware
  • Fell Measurement (Optional)
    Hip Size (Optional)
    Side Pockets
    Additional Information / Requirements +$20
    Urgent Delivery +$30


Fashion Sport Utility Kilt Khaki with Black Leather Straps for men with cargo pockets, which is made with 100% cotton.


  • Perfect for men and women.
  • Made up from 100% pure cotton.
  • Leather straps.
  • Includes 2 Flip pockets in each side.
  • Highly comfortable.

Fashion Sport Utility Kilt Khaki Design

Design of Fashion Sport Utility Kilt Khaki is very unique and noteworthy because of its stunning features which we have mentioned above. It is made with utmost perfect quality made from brass material which will last longer than any other utility kilt.

Sides of Fashion Sport Utility Kilt Khaki

Sides of Fashion Sport Utility Kilt Khaki are made with 100% pure handmade cotton which will ensure full comfort. There are 2 flip pockets on each side where you can store any handy stuff.

Front of Fashion Sport Utility Kilt Khaki

Front side of this amazing kilt is also made with pure handmade cotton and it is completely inspired and designed according to the latest trends.

Backside of Fashion Sport Utility Kilt Khaki

Backside of Fashion Sport Utility Kilt Khaki is very different from other kilts as it is made from cotton and high quality brass material.


Having a perfect kilt for any special occasion can be quite challenging job especially where there is so much variety in the market. If you are looking for comfortable and purely handmade cotton kilts then Fashion Sport Utility Kilt Khaki will be the smart choice. All the kilts which are featured on our site are free from any possible drawbacks due to their high quality material which will ensure utmost satisfaction. We are accepting custom orders so you have to make sure you have ordered the right size according to your body length so that you can avoid complications in future. We are hoping to establish a good relation with you.

we also made kilts for Women.

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Measuring Guides for Kilt

If you are new to buy a kilt online and want to measure the size of kilt which fits you, then read our guide to get the best fit kilt for comfortable experience.

Why it’s necessary to measure before buying?

Well, it’s good to measure before buying your kilt rather buying the wrong size and returning the product for another size, which waste a lot of time. Further, in jeans’ industry manufacturer has their standards to measure and a short or jeans pant doesn’t reflect your actual waist to best fit because kilt size is larger than your pants size! So, in 3-4 steps, we will guide you how you can measure your body for your 1st kilt. All you need is a pen, one page, and a measuring tape if you don’t have assistant no problem you can measure yourself really quick. You need to measure following sizes to get Best-Fit Kilt!

  1. Waist size
  2. Hip size
  3. Kilt length
  4. Fell measurement (optional)

1- Waist Size

Start with the waist size, put tape around your body at the point of your waist or belly button or where you usually or looking forward to fasten your kilt. Normally a kilt should be at the belly button, but it’s totally up to you how you want to wear it. So measure the point with normal breath (our kilts has little losing for best fitting) and write on the page either in inches or cm to update in your order. *Note: It will probably be 2 to 4 inches more than your pants size. It is common. *TIP: BIG guys with large bellies may want to wear the kilt around the naval, as it gives a more flattering appearance.

2- Hip Size

Moving further measure your hips at widest point, it’s very easy to measure for that. Why it’s necessary to give hips size?? It’s an interesting answer, while we manufacture your kilt we must know either you have normal hips size or not!! Because if your hips cannot fit in your kilt that would be so embarrassing and uncomfortable to wear in public. Because we manufacture a made to order kilt so, we take care of each step to manufacture.

3- Length Size

At 3rd step, you need to measure your kilt’s length which means how long your kilt will hang while standing on your legs. People wear as per their choice, but a kilt should hang till your knee cap (but it’s not a standard at all its totally up to your choice). But be sure that your starting point is from your waist point or where you plan to fasten your kilt. So it will be a length from your waist till your knee cap or what so ever you want. The standard length of kilt or drop length of the kilt is 24” in a male case and 20” in female case, but you are designing your kilt it’s up to youJ.

4- Fell measurement

Heading to end the kilt size guide the last point is your fell measurement. Don’t know what is fell?? Well, Fell is measured from your point of waist till your hips (in the picture you can easily understand that) some people want that their kilt should stay with their body rather roomy or airy like fittings of pants at hips so if you will update your fell measurement you can fulfill this requirement as well. Most of the time a Fell measurement is not that necessary because most of the kilts are manufactured as per standard fell measurement which is 5-7 inches as per total length of the kilt.

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