How to wear a kilt ?

If you don’t have any experience with wearing kilts and how to wear a kilt with accessories, then there is no need to worry about anything because we going to share a step by step guide with you about kilts. Many people are often confused about wearing all those accessories with kilts, that’s why today we are here to help you out in this regard. Before proceeding further, you need to understand the basics of a kilt so that you can wear it with full confidence. A kilt is usually worn high on the waistline exactly above the naval button, while the lower section of the kilt comes down to the middle portion of the knee. You might have seen it in the pictures above as well.

The Most Common Accessories of Kilts ( how to wear kilt with accessories ) :

Here are some of the most commonly used accessories of kilts that you can also try to make your overall looks captivating.


Usually, the three most common types of shirts are used to pair with kilts. The details of those shirts are following.

Ghillie Shirts: It’s a traditional shirt people wear along with kilt; it’s fitting is a bit loose as compared to casual shirts.

Wing Collar Shirts: These shirts are most commonly used in a combination with bow ties for perfect kilt outerwear, while you can also style it in various ways for any particular event.

Victorian Collar Shirts: These shirts are the mix combination of the above two types, it’s a very common formal option to consider with a bow tie. It’s also a versatile option for you to consider among all as you can also pair it with a ruched tie or cravat.

Jacket & Vest

A kilt without a perfect combination of a jacket and vest looks incomplete. The jacket is usually kept open so that the waistcoat buttons can become more visible or noticeable. You can also check out our detailed guide about jackets, as the purpose of this article was to only give you a rough idea of all the accessories that can be used with kilts.

Belt & Buckle

If you are wondering that these belts and buckles will resemble those casual ones that you normally use in your daily routine, then you might be thinking wrong here. Kilt belts and buckets are slightly different from those that are used in pants; they have an increased width to cover up your whole waist. These belts are supported by the small loops that are present in every kilt for perfect positioning.


A sporran is a type of external pouch or storage space that is not part of the kilt. As we all know that kilts are usually manufactured without pockets, that’s why there is an external pouch which is called sporran is used to facilitate the customers with some storage space where they can keep things like car keys or wallets. Sporrans are available in a wide variety of styles that you can choose according to your needs.

Fly Plaid & Brooch

Fly Plaids are usually used to give an appealing look to the kilts, they are similar to wrapped stoles that are pinned to the left shoulder along with a brooch. It’s not a so popular kilt accessory but still, some people do use it along with kilts to add some spark to the design of kilts.

Kilt Pin

A kilt pin adds some extra charm to the overall design of kilt; it’s also quite decorative but surely a functional accessory that plays a key role to prevent the front part of your kilt from blowing open.


Flashes provide firm support to the hose to prevent it from falling. They are usually worn on the side calf which is the only position for it. It also adds some extra color to your overall looks.


You need to choose the color of hose according to the color of the kilt; you can also choose a great comb-over as per the color of your jacket. A hose is worn on the bottom of the knee along with nicely decorative top folded downwards.

Sgian Dubh

If you are a die hard fan of the old appearance of kilts, then you can consider buying a sgian dubh. It’s worn in such a way that it grips firmly with the hose. We also offer a wide variety of sgian dubhs that you can consider while placing an order.


Last but not least, no kilt outerwear can be completed without a pair of brogues or also known as shoes. You should first look for the utmost comfort before buying brogues because it has to be well designed and comfortable enough for special occasions where you have to wear it for hours.

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