Which Kilt is Best for you ?

Choosing the right kilt for yourself is very difficult these days. This traditional garment is still popular when it comes to family gatherings and attending your best friend’s wedding. Selecting a perfect kilt requires some efforts because you have to look for the design, the event, and also your budget when it comes to buying the right kilt for your needs. In this article I will focus that which kilt is best for you. So, you have to look for various aspects and then make a purchase.


First of all, you have to choose the right style for your kilt because these are designed both in traditional as well as modern styles. If you want to go for the traditional style then tartan kilt is the right choice. With skirt and belt on the waist, you will look classic. Utility kilts find a suitable place when it comes to fashion and style. These modern-day kilts have various pockets to keep your valuable items in them.

Look for the occasion or event:

Before buying any kilt right away you need to consider the event for which you want to buy a kilt. Usually, custom made kilts are perfect when you have any wedding in the family. For your routine work, you can go for utility kilt or leather kilt. They come at a reasonable price too. Make sure you find yourself comfortable when wearing a kilt. So, always choose the fabric for your kilt very carefully to have comfort and style at the same time.

Selection of Tartan is important:

In case of tartan utility kilt or simply the tartan kilt, you need to select the best quality tartan. You can go for your family tartan for the occasion or any other pattern that attracts you the most. The weight of the tartan depends on your selection. Don’t go for a heavyweight kilt as it will be costly to buy. A standard or lightweight kilt is the best as it is ideal for the summer event.

Keep in mind your budget:

The custom made kilts are ideal for your special occasion and they come in various price ranges. Make sure you buy the one that is not heavy on your pocket. The handmade kilts look very adorable and the neatness is self-explanatory. You can select the fabric and tartan according to your budget. So, there should not be any issue when you are buying a finely crafted kilt designed by the most experienced tailors. 

Accessories are complementary:

Your kilt without accessories does not look that appealing so you need to go for the matching accessories according to the event. The accessories include a leather waistcoat, sporran, kilt jacket. So, a well-designed kilt along with all the necessary accessories is the best option for your special event.


With all the important details I am sure now you will be in a better position to choose the right kilt for you. Make sure you do your research before making a prompt decision because it is a matter of your personality and style when it comes to buying a kilt for any special event.