What is the difference between Tartan and Utility Kilt?

Tartan vs Utility Kilt

We write this article for some of our customer who are confused about tartan and utility kilt , so read this and buy your best kilt.

Kilt is a very famous traditional pleated garment originated from Scotland. After so many years still, people are interested in wearing kilts for various occasions. When it comes to kilts then people are often confused between tartan kilts and utility kilts. The people who are new to kilts must know that the basic difference between a tartan kilt and utility kilt is that tartan kilts are more traditional and represent various clans and tribes. On the other hand, a utility kilt is a modern form of kilt that is designed in different varieties and materials.


When it comes to the fabric for the kilt then this Scottish garment has a specific printed or the tartan fabric that is associated with a particular clan of Scotland. In Scotland, there are more than 100+ designs that represent various clans and tribes in the area.

The fabric for utility kilt is more stylish and advanced. The fabric includes cotton, camouflage, denim, and other kinds of stuff that can be stretched easily. Utility kilts made with leather are also very famous. So, if you want to go for a more stylish kilt then utility kilt is a good choice for you.


The design of a tartan kilt is more historical in nature. You will see a front apron along with back pleats in a traditional Scottish kilt. In a basic design of tartan kilt, the width of the front apron is 14 to 16 inches covering the front area of legs. You will find back pleats in a tartan kilt that were designed to keep your body warm during the winter season.

In modern kilts the width of the front apron is up to 10 inches that finishes in the middle of legs. You will also find cargo pockets in a utility kilt so that you can keep your valuable items in them according to your needs. Along with cargo pockets, you are at liberty to choose various hooks, buttons, and buckles that can be attached to your kilt to make it more appealing.


The tartan kilts are handmade in nature and these are manufactured by experienced weavers who use the needle. The entire process of manufacturing does not involve any machine. These handmade kilts are greatly demanded by the people.

When we talk about utility kilts then these are manufactured by using machines. Some steps in their construction require handwork as well. These kilts are manufactured in little time by the use of machines.

Kilt fastening:

The same colored fabric was used to fasten the kilt and these days even a tartan kilt is fastened by using adjustable leather straps. Right and left-sided leather straps are fastened with each other.

Utility kilts also make use of leather straps on either side to fasten the kilt. You will also see utility kilts, in the market that make use of hooks, buckles, chains, and buttons for their fastening. 


In a traditional kilt, you will not find any pocket because the people used a sporran and belt to keep their items in place.

In modern-day kilts, you will find cargo pockets along with some hidden pockets so that people can keep their valuables safely.